• The brain actually feels rejection as physical pain.
  • Your mind can sense something staring at you even when asleep
  • Memory works best between 8-12 am & after 9 pm, worst of all right after lunch.
  • We can only sustain a high level of concentration for 45 minutes
  • Your sense of smell is the sense which it best attached to your memory
  • Hearing you name being called when no one has actually called your name is a likely sign of a healthy mind
  • Writing negative thoughts & tossing them in trash improves your mind
  • When you have crush on someone your brain overlooks & ignores the flaw of person causing them to appear “perfect”
  • Talking to yourself can make your brain work more efficiently
  • People with creative minds tent to have harder time falling asleep at time.
  • Our brains wander for about 30% of the day.
  • If a person tries to remember something, but still continues to look you in the eye be sure – you are deceived.
  • Day dreaming is good for your brain.
  • The human mind only maintains complete trust once on each person. Once breakdown it’s never the same
  • A person’s memory is able to save 90% of what he does, 50% of what he sees and 10% of what he hears.
  • Learning new things changes your brain & increase your intelligence even it your older.
  • According to research bilingual brains are better at ignoring distractions & are generally more efficient.
  • Our brains are just as active during sleep as they are when we’re awake.

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