Today I will inspire you by some words that inspired me! These quotes are from the book written by Carmen Warrington. He is a calm and creative author,actor,singer-songwriter…..

Today I Will…. Flavor my conversation with vibrant words and expressions.

The language we use colors our experience.Strive to use expressive words today,and avoid words such as nice,good,great,okay.Express your truths more colorfully.

Today I Will…. donate to a worthy cause.

Choose an organisation or charity that has a special meaning for you.Connect to a greater sense of community.Giving to those in need helps you to recognize and give thanks for the abundance in your own life.

Today I Will….keep reminding myself that I am a peaceful soul

Write yourself a note or find an image of peace,and keep it near you.Between tasks think peace.Before and after a phone call think peace.When you interact with others imagine your peace influencing the atmosphere.You don’t need to search peace; you are a peaceful being.

Today I Will…. send a thank-you note to a friend.

Express how this friendship enhances your life.Highlight something they did for you or said to you.Show your appreciation for the gift of friendship.Cherish what you share together.

Today I Will…. empower someone through words of encouragement.

Boost someone’s confidence through positive feedback-motivate,inspire,give courage,remove doubts. Encouragement is an easy form of giving. Rather than doing a task for someone,encourage them to do it for themselves.

Today I Will…. simply let go.

It’s great to be in control,and it’s great to let go. Let go of your expectations and fixed ideas about how things should be done. Relax and allow new influences and options to emerge.Let your destiny steer you.

Do what you can do Today!!! Because Today is the gift of god and this day never be back in your life. Tomorrow will be there but today… this day…. never will be back! So do what you can do Today!! Keep in you mind that Today I Will…………….

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