Most of us surely has read Ramayana whether it’s Valmiki’s or Kamban’s but we read it.The hero of the story is Lord Rama, Villain is King Ravana. Among the classical literature of the world Ramayana stands foremost.Every human have to know about Ramayana and must to read it. Ramayana teach us so many good qualities.It is a literature that all the people of the world should read and know.How ever when I read Ramayana every time my mind get a question about Sita…Valmiki and Kamban are devotees of Lord Rama so I thought that’s why they showed Sita has ideal wife not as a ideal woman…. like Kanagi! When I was a school student in my English book there was a poem about Sita. There was a line in that poem…

The chastity test on the scorching flames

The victim,twice victimized.

The line victim,twice victimized just told all the suffers that Sita faced.At first time Ravana kidnapped Sita From India to Sri Lanka to take revenge from Rama and Lakshmana. Because they both cut the nose of Soorpanagai who was a sister of King Ravana. This is a one of the reason why Sita kidnapped by Ravana. But How ever this is not fair… if he want to take revenge for his sister he should directly fight with Rama,but he didn’t he kidnapped Sita and was imprisoned at Asokavanam for so many days.

To be continue…….

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