After so many days so many struggles Rama came, he killed Ravana and other rakshasas also. #Sita has rescued from Ravana by Rama but not from her all other struggles……infect Rama also hurt her. Whom she believed wholeheartedly and was waiting for their arrival as will come to rescue her from her bad situation in Ashoka Garden all alone, chanting that name as a shield for her, but she didn’t expect that she will be hurt very badly by that Rama itself….Ram turned facing #Sita said these many days you were with an Beast Ravan, i punished him to death for his crime. Same way I can’t accept you, here after you decide your life- how would Sita’s heart have hurt badly?

#Sita asked Laskhman to set fire so that she decided to jump into it. She faced Ram & said “Hey Raghu Kul Worrior i had decided My life as your wish I’m pure.

Apart from your shadow no other man’s shadow had ever touched me.Incase if I had lost my virginity then let this fire turn me into ashes. But what a surprise flame turned as flowers. Agnidev came from fire he worshipped #Sita and turned to crowd and said I can’t tolerate Sita’s purity. Hey Rama she is pure accept her without any doubt….

However now Rama accepted #Sita and all they started to travel back to Ayothinagar. Whatever is Rama correct at that moment? #Sita kidnapped by Ravana…. is that was mistake of #Sita. No and never! I think only in Ramayana victim was punished…… because Rama ran back to the magic deer Lakshmana believed the fake Rama’s voice and ran to save him…… mean while Ravana came cheated #Sita and kidnapped her….

In that case, if #Sita is abducted only because of the failure of both Rama and Lakshmana but why the punishment is only for #Sita ……..

By the way in my point of view not only Ravana……. Rama also injustice in and for #Sita……..

To be continue…….

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