Do you remember when you go for a walk last time? I’m sure you can’t remember even me 😁 after these #COVID19 issues and long lock downs we have struck inside of our home. Also still now most of us working from home. So we have less chance to go for a walk.

After reading this article I’m sure you will try to adjust your time schedule for the walks.

Benefits of walking πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈπŸ˜Œ

1. Aids In Weight Loss

Walking is a low-intensity exercise which can actually help in losing weight and reducing belly fat.people who are physically active burn more calories.

2. Improves Heart Health

Walking daily for 30 minutes a day will increase your heart rate. The higher the heart rate, the better the blood circulation in the body. Brisk walking is also known to lower the risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.

3. Delays Ageing

As you age, you might experience pain and stiffness in the joints after waking up in the morning. Walking is one of the best ways to combat this as it will keep your body muscles functioning, strengthen your bones and keep you younger. This, in turn, will increase your lifespan.

4. Decreases The Risk Of Diabetes

Walking is a great way to curb diabetes and one should start by walking slowly and then walking at a moderate speed. Walking lowers blood glucose levels and this further improves insulin levels in the body.

5. Improves Your Mood And Lowers Depression

Research shows that walking daily kick-starts your nervous system to such an extent that you will see a decrease in anger, stress and hostility. This, in turn, boosts your mood by lowering stress and depression. Furthermore, walking can also spark your inner creativity as your brain and mood are boosted up.

So friends to lead a healthy go for a walk. When go for a walk have a partner for a example take your pet dogs, your friends or family members. another thing is walk with a peaceful mind don’t think unwanted problems when you have a walk.

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