No matter how hard it was we have to live our life. everyone of us will have bad or hard time in our life bt we should survive and we should live the life.

#Suicide is not the solution for your problems. however you will get relief from your problems but your loving ones will get trouble after it. so you should have the courage to live your life.

On today’s #Singapenn post was about symptoms and signs of suicidal behaviours. we should know about it for save someone’s life as well as us.

You can’t see what a person is feeling on the inside, so it isn’t always easy to identify when someone is having suicidal thoughts. However, some outward warning signs that a person may be contemplating #Suicide include:

  • talking about feeling hopeless, trapped, or alone
  • saying they have no reason to go on living
  • making a will or giving away personal possessions
  • searching for a means of doing personal harm, such as buying a gun
  • sleeping too much or too little
  • eating too little or eating too much, resulting in significant weight gain or loss
  • engaging in reckless behaviors, including excessive alcohol or drug consumption
  • avoiding social interactions with others
  • expressing rage or intentions to seek revenge
  • showing signs of extreme anxiousness or agitation
  • having dramatic mood swings
  • talking about suicide as a way out

If you suspect that a family member or friend may be considering #Suicide, talk to them about your concerns.

Talk openly and don’t be afraid to ask directly that “are you have a #Suicide plan or are you thinking about #Suicide?”.

When you talk to them,

  • stay calm and speak in a reassuring tone
  • acknowledge that their feelings are legitimate
  • offer support and encouragement
  • tell them that help is available and that they can feel better with treatment

Make sure not to minimize their problems or attempts at shaming them into changing their mind. Listening and showing your support is the best way to help them. You can also encourage them to seek help from a professional.

Offer to help them find a healthcare provider, make a phone call, or go with them to their first appointment.

Of course it’s scary to knowing that your loving one’s are having suicide plans but it’s your responsible to rescue them from the danger.

Understand them and make them to understand there is no problem without a solution #Suicide is not the solution for their problems.

Just live the life😍.

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