Rama,#Sita, Lakshmana and all others returned to ayodhya. Rama sworn as king of the kingdom. Days gone well. Kingdom was happy with the new king and the King’s family was happy because of #Sita ‘s pregnancy.

A fight… once again change the way of #Sita ‘s life. #Sita never dreamed that a family quarrel between two in the city would bring chaos in her family too. As a model king Rama was ever intent on hearing the views of his subjects on matters pertaining to his rule. The countries were requested to report all views, good, bad and indifferent, without reserve. Their frank version was that while all the acts of the Rama were extolled to the skies, a single deed of his was denounced as anomalous. His taking back #Sita who happened to be kept on the lap of Ravana was bad example. In many a domestic quarrel this incident was cited in order to escape disciplinary action. but it was not #Sita ‘s fault Rama gave a serious thought to this issue. #Sita publicly proved herself stainless in Lanka by fire ordeal and Rama also knew it that #Sita was a gem. Now a conflict had risen between Rama’ s duty as the husband and his duty as the king. But Rama decided to be a King. Even he didn’t discussed with #Sita about this issue. He called his brothers and announced his decision about to banish #Sita from the kingdom and he order to Lakshmana “#Sita desires to visit the Rishis on the banks of Ganga and receive their blessings. I have agreed to fulfil that desire of hers. On that Lakshmana, you escort her tomorrow to the southern bank Ganga, break out there my painful decision to abandon her on public interest and snatch yourself away leaving her entirely to her fate”

At next day morning #Sita got ready for the journey she was informed by Lakshmana of the excursion to the hermitages in the forest. #Sita don’t have any idea about what will going to happen for her in the forest she was joyous of the prospects of receiving benediction from the Holy men. Crossing Ganga by the boat the outskirts of #Valmiki Asrama was reached. Lakshmana revealed the decision made by King Rama for the sake of Kingdom.

#Sita fell flat as if struck by lightning. She swooned. It took some time for her to recover. She woke up to find herself abandoned and left alone in the world. She bitterly cried over her lot. The thought of drowning in Ganga flashed in her mind. But second thought came up that she did not have the freedom to put end to herself because Rama deposited his seed in her womb. So she have the responsibility to fostering it. Her loud and pathetic lamentation was resonate all round.

Sage #Valmiki came there and he convinced #Sita to stay in his Asrama But #Sita was totally collapsed she asked the sage “is it Dharma to leave an innocent woman in the lurch in the name of uploading Dharma when she is pregnant??” he explained to #Sita that Rama never deviates from Dharma. This is the fate and as soon people will accept your purity. You can stay at our Asrama there is women section you can stay there and your name and your identity may here after be completely concealed.

How is this was fair?? If people having doubt as a king Rama should clear the doubts and as a husband he should stand with #Sita and he has prove her purity because even the fire doesn’t harm #Sita because of her purity…….

To Be Continued……

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