Usually on #Singapenn we post psychological facts about us that means humans. Do you remember that we have posted about color psychology based on your favorite color?? if you didn’t read that article here the link . Read it and tell us is that matching for you!

On today post #Singapenn going to tell some interesting facts related to astrology as well as psychology. Your characteristic based on your born month which is related to astrology as well as psychology. So let’s have a look on it!


January born people are attractive,cheerful and very calm.These people cannot share problems with others. They believe in hard work. They can know a person very well. sometimes these people can overreact.


These people are secretive,friendly and innocent. They are not good in financial matter and cannot save money. They can win others hearts by their language. These people are very helpful they can help anyone at anytime.


March born are love to travel and they have a large friends circle. These people are very creative, very responsible. You can trust these people,they can complete any work. They are very talkative.


These people are very beautiful,cheerful and stubborn too.They cannot working under the pressure.They like adventure and they are curious in nature. These people are very daring and they are fearless.


They have good choice in clothes. These people are very famous,careless and little psycho path. Also they are very secretive and very sharp minded.


June born are very stubborn.These people are very dominating. They love to cook. These people can complete any work by their sweet language. Other people thinks that these people are very innocent but they are not really innocent.


July born are very moody and mysterious people. Others cannot understand them easily. sometime they behave like psycho.These people are very talented. sometimes they are lazy and they cannot complete their work.


These people are talkative and stubborn. They hate lies and they are very helpful. These people are very expensive but also very responsible. They are love to be alone. The are very loyal and they cannot control anger.


They are not very mature. They can learn and understand new things very easily.sometimes these people behave selfish. They never tell their problems or secrets to others.These people are very lucky and hard working.


October born are very intelligent and money minded. These people cannot get the wealth easily.The have unique attraction and they can attract anyone.They can see the future and they have a good intuition power>They have to do hard work a lot to get the wealth.


November born are very kind and have a good heart.These people can balance all the situations,These people can do anything when they are very sensitive and very loyal. They are good in financial management and can save money.


Very secretive and sensitive people.These people have a large friend circle. Always fight for justice,The are very emotional and can trust anyone easily.These people are very sincere about their career.

Hope you guys have enjoying reading with this facts with #Singapenn. But don’t forget to share this with your friends, comment your month and tell us is these characteristics do you have??!!

Stay safe and enjoy you day!!!

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