Curse or Blessing?….

Our generation is the generation that has grown with the development of technology ... we have seen smart technologies .... we are spinning in the bushes of science ...We are spinning the world in our hands..the world is shrinking and your hand is subdued in your mobile phone ... We saw the history-making devices and … Continue reading Curse or Blessing?….

Happy 2022!!

May every moment of this year would be unique, filled with pure pleasure and each day comes out like exactly what you want…Happy New Year to the #Singapenn 's lovable readers. Struggles makes you more don't fed up... Falling is not a defeat…if you not trying to rise again then you're a loser. Let's … Continue reading Happy 2022!!

Merry Christmas & Happy #2022

The blessings of peace,The beauty of hope,The spirit of love,And the comfort of faith.....We send this as your gifts for this #Christmas seasonal#Singapenn #New_Year is a Blank Book...The Pen is with you!Write your own story about how you like to define yourself to this world orHow the world should identify you!#Singapenn Hope you all are … Continue reading Merry Christmas & Happy #2022


Usually on #Singapenn we post psychological facts about us that means humans. Do you remember that we have posted about color psychology based on your favorite color?? if you didn't read that article here the link . Read it and tell us is that matching for you! On today post #Singapenn going to tell … Continue reading MONTH & CHARACTERISTIC

Voice For Sita….3

Rama,#Sita, Lakshmana and all others returned to ayodhya. Rama sworn as king of the kingdom. Days gone well. Kingdom was happy with the new king and the King's family was happy because of #Sita 's pregnancy. A fight... once again change the way of #Sita 's life. #Sita never dreamed that a family quarrel between … Continue reading Voice For Sita….3

Sleepless Legs…

Do you ever heard your legs can spoil your sleeping?? if not then you can know about it now but if you have any experience about this then you should also know about this disorder. Restless leg syndrome know as RLS can distrub your sleeping. This exasperating condition triggers abnormal sensations in the legs and … Continue reading Sleepless Legs…