Care your nails

Both toenails and fingernails are formed from a protein called alpha-keratin. Your hairs are also made from this protein. Alpha-keratin remains rooted to the nail beds beneath the skin. In most healthy adults, fingernails grow at the rate of 1mm per week. The growth is directly related to your overall physical health, mental health and … Continue reading Care your nails

Nail care!

Clip your nails once every other weekUse nail clippers to trim your hangnails.Apply cuticle oil once per day.Leave your cuticles alone to prevent infection.Look for nail products that don’t include acetone.Don’t dig under your nail with a sharp object.Keep your nails smooth with a nail file.Eat foods that are high in biotin to make your nails thicker. Snack on … Continue reading Nail care!

Tips for Stunning Skin!!

Cleansing in the morning and evening is must.Moisturize religiously, every single day.Nourish at night with products that help your skin heal and restore.Do an oil cleanse once in a while.Apply serums daily.Use face masks once/twice a week.Visit dermatologist when needed.Treat spots as soon as they pop-up.Never squeeze pimples and blemishes.Steam your face once in a … Continue reading Tips for Stunning Skin!!

Reduce your dark circles….

Dark circles under your eyes don’t look right. You’ll be using makeup to cover them, but when you wipe it out, there are they again. There are several reasons for it: DehydrationPoor Blood and Lymph CirculationThinning Skin and Loss of Fat and CollagenSun ExposureScratching Your EyesIrregularities with PigmentationHeredity (Dark circles run in the family)FatigueContact DermatitisEczemaAllergies … Continue reading Reduce your dark circles….

Coconut oil… Over night… Uses!!

DRY HAIR Massage some warm coconut oil on your scalp & hair before bedtime. Shampoo the next morning.👩 DANDRUFF Add few drops of tea tree oil to pre-warmed coconut oil and massage scalp.🤦‍♀️ HAIR FALL Mix some fenugreek water with coconut oil and massage scalp & hair.👩‍🦲 ACNE Add few drops tea tree oil to … Continue reading Coconut oil… Over night… Uses!!

Rose water!

5 uses.... Toner Dampen a cotton pad with rosewater and wipe all over face for softer and clearer skin. Setting spray Spritz rosewater to give your skin a healthy,dewy glow. Makeup remover Mix rosewater with an oil like jojoba or argan for a gentle and non irritating makeup remover. Hair treatment Run a cup of … Continue reading Rose water!