Boost up!!

Nowadays We are all struggling with an enemy which is invisible. All we have to do is follow the instructions provided by WHO and protect ourselves and our family. In addition to that, we have to improve or boost up our immune system to fight against any diseases because not only Covid19 kill the people … Continue reading Boost up!!

Build Your Self-Esteem!

Thoughts can set off chain reactions that build self-esteem or undermine it. Authority over our minds is the ultimate power. “Mind is everything. What you think you become,” said Buddha. Next, are our actions. Change begins in the mind but is manifested and amplified by our actions. How we behave can change our thoughts and … Continue reading Build Your Self-Esteem!

Meditation Guide For Beginners….

Just 10 minutes of mediation of a day, can have huge physical and mental benefits. Here some guidelines for beginners. follow this guidelines and make your day perfect. Pick a spot.Set a time.(As a beginner,meditating everyday is far more important than the amount per a day)Posture.Close your eyes.Pick an anchor.(You can focus on your breathe, … Continue reading Meditation Guide For Beginners….