Brain facts!!

When you think about someone a lot it means they were thinking about you first.If a guy stands with his legs apart while talking to a girl,it means he likes her.It takes 4 minutes to fall in love.When someone misses you there is a 80% chance they appear in your dreams.At the age of 16, … Continue reading Brain facts!!

Always be happy…….😊

Seeing yellow in fact makes people happier.Smelling flowers makes people happier.Accelerated thinking can enhance a person's mood.Just 10% of a person's happiness comes from external circumstances.Money makes individuals happy,and more so far people paid by the hour than by salary. A person's body generates different chemical when happy or stressed that also come out in … Continue reading Always be happy…….😊

Stress relief foods!!

Feeling stressed? Instead of reaching for candy, try one of our top 10 foods for stress relief. There's no cure-all food to erase frustration, but you can get some stress relief by exercising and including more of these foods in your diet. Avocado and Banana That's two things, we know, but what do these fruits … Continue reading Stress relief foods!!

Get out stress!!

Does working for long hours make you feel burned out? Does constant worry about the health of your significant other make you physically ill? Well, stress is something we all experience regardless of who we are or how much money we have. Although we may feel the effects of stress, not everyone understands how to … Continue reading Get out stress!!

Color explain your nature!!

The world is filled with colors! So much so, in fact, that they are often overlooked. Colors, however, can convey a lot of meaning depending on the context in which we use them. Whether in fashion, product branding or in art, a certain color can radiate a surge of energy and emotion, while conveying a … Continue reading Color explain your nature!!

Crying is good for you…

We cry not only in sadness but sometimes in joy. Crying is the closest thing to us. From birth till death we cry for something. In this post you get to know about psychological facts about crying. Crying literally flushes unhealthy bacteria out of the human body, strengthening the immune system while relieving stress.Holding of … Continue reading Crying is good for you…