Women in Leadership 👸

#Singapenn wish to all of our respected women Happy Women's day 💐 This year’s International Women’s Day is like no other. As countries and communities start to slowly recover from a devastating pandemicwe have the chance to finally end the exclusion and marginalization of women and girls. But to do that, we need immediate action. … Continue reading Women in Leadership 👸

Ever First!!!

Even in this modern world 21st century women are struggling to make their ambitions, dreams, goals and wishes. So what about our past?? Whenever a man achieved something the world's record would be a first human who achieved this.... but if a woman achieved.... #First woman!! is this is gender equality?? we didn't changed, still … Continue reading Ever First!!!

Google celebrates Vicki Draves!!!

The road to becoming a championship athlete is never easy. Long hours of training can be grueling, but sometimes some of your biggest hurdles aren't physical, or even internal. For Vicki Draves, an Olympic diver, one of those obstacles required her to overcome racial discrimination and prejudice against Asians during World War II, even though … Continue reading Google celebrates Vicki Draves!!!