Voice For Sita….3

Rama,#Sita, Lakshmana and all others returned to ayodhya. Rama sworn as king of the kingdom. Days gone well. Kingdom was happy with the new king and the King's family was happy because of #Sita 's pregnancy. A fight... once again change the way of #Sita 's life. #Sita never dreamed that a family quarrel between … Continue reading Voice For Sita….3

Voice For Sita….2

After so many days so many struggles Rama came, he killed Ravana and other rakshasas also. #Sita has rescued from Ravana by Rama but not from her all other struggles......infect Rama also hurt her. Whom she believed wholeheartedly and was waiting for their arrival as will come to rescue her from her bad situation in … Continue reading Voice For Sita….2

Voice For Sita….

Most of us surely has read Ramayana whether it's Valmiki's or Kamban's but we read it.The hero of the story is Lord Rama, Villain is King Ravana. Among the classical literature of the world Ramayana stands foremost.Every human have to know about Ramayana and must to read it. Ramayana teach us so many good qualities.It … Continue reading Voice For Sita….